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Who is this blog for?

  • For marketing specialists who want to expand their expertise from their specialty to the helicopter view. This includes people working on research, analytics, strategy, UX, content, web design, PPC, SEO, SMM, PR, and emails.

  • For marketing managers and directors who want to acquire insights via online discussions.

  • For business executives who want to add more marketing context into their strategy and operations.

What kind of topics to expect?

Instead of “how-to” articles on marketing, we’ll focus on the “why”.

We’ll reimagine the old topics in a new context, try to challenge the marketing rulebooks with heretic ideas, and find wild connections between marketing and non-business things.

Some of the planned topics are:

  • the marketing theory of everything

  • the future of digital marketing (prediction models)

  • why we should ditch roadmaps

  • Marketing theory vs practice

  • Marketing career tips & blockers

  • Marketing education (should be taught from junior to senior, which marketing degree to pursue)

  • Defining marketing terms - polls

  • Web3 gaming vs gaming community

  • PMF above marketing. You can’t market a bad product and expect it to go mainstream.

  • are marketers the bad guys (because of privacy and so on)

  • content competition (people actively read like 5% of what they are subscribed to, initial subscription set)

  • Just what the hell is a decentralization?

  • The implications of a regression to the mean in marketing

It’s free to subscribe

I don’t plan on adding the paid subscription yet. If there will be one, it’s going to be focused on the “how-to” articles.

If you want to receive a new article every 2 weeks, here’s the subscription button:

About the author

Guess I'll need to write about myself in a third person, huh?

Valentine Osnovyanenko is a digital marketer with 5 years of experience. He has worked with 20+ companies and read 100+ marketing materials. He’s worked on research, strategy, email marketing, and management. Now, he’d like to bring together the best of the marketing POVs.

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